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  • In 2011, I injured my left rotator cuff; I had had pain so bad I would get shooting pains across my arm just sitting there. Leah immediately knew where to address, and exercises to recommend, and within a few visits I could use my shoulder again. The following year, to my disbelief, it happened to my right shoulder. I couldn't tuck in my own shirt in back - I couldn't move my right arm that far behind me. It hurt to lean across and push open the passenger side car door. Once I again, I saw Leah, and once again, she had my shoulder back in action within short order. Which beats buying all new shirts. :)
    Facebook (Andrew H.)
  • Leah's massages are stupendous! I'm a regular and am very pleased to recommend her.
    Facebook (Joan S.)
  • Best Massage experience I've ever had in town.
  • Leah gives a very good massage. She always asks me where I have pain. I do a lot of running and aerobics so several parts of my body are always in need of serious attention. I highly recommend her.
    Facebook (Joyce V.)
  • She knows exact spots which typically issue and pain. So, not just rubbing. She understands very well how works mustles, where comes from pain, etc.
  • Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants a deep tissue/relaxing massage. Very good techniques to loosen tight areas and relax you overall.
  • Great massage. Thank you!
  • Massage therapist did a wonderful job! I was able to purchase 2 groupons and upgrade to a couples massage for a small fee ($10). They were kindly accommodating to our schedule. We loved the ambiance and felt good and relaxed after our massages!
  • Great massages! The therapist was extremely thorough.
  • At a time when I was at the top of my sport, a devastating injury threatened to end my career. Doctors prescribed surgery and months of rehabilitation. Leah not only listened to my story, she listened to my body. Leah's attentive nature reduced my knee swelling by more than 70% in the first visit. Within a few weekly treatments, I was nearing full range of motion. My last resort of homeopathic care has now become my first thanks to Leah. A natural touch by a talented therapist. Thank you!
    Facebook (Brandon L.)
  • She was great. I really enjoyed her massage. Very strong hands and a very nice quite setting.
  • Best. Massage. Ever! I had a problem with my hip from running and she fixed it! Plus the set up is relaxing and beautiful.
  • Had a wonderful experience, thank you!
  • Very competent, professional experience. Highly recommend.
  • Amazing job! Worked on my Achilles and helped me get healed!
  • When I moved out of Vancouver years ago, I thought I would never find the massager as good as what I had in the western Canada. Now I think I finally find one, and even better!! It's Leah!
    Facebook (Anna L.)
  • Enjoyed my massage, learned about the background of the owner, and felt that it was a very good value.
  • One of the best massages that I have had.
  • Was wonderful, would recommend to everyone. Never felt better!! Thanks.
  • Awesome service! Client centric and tailored for problem areas
  • The massage was great and the atmosphere calming. I recommend this business to others.
  • Leah is amazing. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and is able to tailor each massage to your needs.
    Facebook (Kate A.)
  • Awesome!!!! Best massage:)
  • I can't say enough great things! I would recommend Shakti [our old name] to anyone I knew in the area. Awesome massage and even better customer service. Overall great experience!
  • You will love Leah! And her massages too!!
    Facebook (John G.)
  • Leah is Excellent!
  • I've had back pain for over ten years and Leah's massage is the only thing I've found that consistently helps with it. I'd highly recommend her for specific problem areas or just general relaxation!
    Facebook (Chris C.)
  • Leahs got the magic touch. She's saved me many times after back injuries.
    Facebook (Jonathan B.)
  • Leah's presence is calming in itself, but her massages are amazing. Highly recommended!
    Facebook (Chris P.)
  • Best massage I have had in a while!
  • I was in a car accident a few years ago and was in a lot of pain after the spinal surgery. It was recommended by my doctor that I see Leah and WOW! My pain was greatly reduced after just one session! I am a weekly client and what is even better is that she is covered by my car insurance.
    Facebook (Federico S.)
  • Because of Groupon, I will definitely be back! I gave the Geoupon to a friend in need (who needs regular massages) and she said it was the best massage she's ever had. Additionally, SHE will be back too!

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