Leah Kasle, LMT (Owner)

Leah Kasle Loftus is the founder of the Live Well Massage and Fitness center located at 211 S. 4th Ave., in downtown Ann Arbor.  She is ranked one of the leading therapists in Ann Arbor by

Since  graduating from her 13 month course at the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 2003 as well as receiving her certification in Lymphatic Drainage, she has practiced as a full time therapist in Sarasota, Fla., Malibu, Cal., and since 2008, her home town of Ann Arbor.

She worked in the Ann Arbor area before being hired by the University of Michigan Spine Clinic as a massage therapist.  She studied, shadowed the doctors and physical therapists and practiced for the better part of three years. She became even more passionate about healing injuries and relieving pain, and left to open her own business.

In being an athlete, Leah has had her run of injuries.  Utilizing her knowledge of athletics from swimming, the martial arts, and fitness exercise, she has combined her knowledge of massage and physical therapy to develop a holistic approach to the revitalization and rehabilitation of her clients.

Through 12 years of experience, the massage techniques that she has developed and refined are highly effective. Her policy is that If she can’t alleviate a significant amount of pain experienced by a client  in two sessions, she will refer that person to a specialized therapist or doctor. This dedication to her clients’ welfare is a product of her passion for the work she does.

With specializations in spinal, sport and accident related injuries, Leah and Live Well Massage and Fitness should be the first and perhaps last stop on the track to recovery and rejuvenation for Ann Arbor area residents.