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We are a new kind of wellness center that focuses on long term goals and offers support, community, and resources for those who want to live a happy, healthy, pain free life.

Great Experience

Leah has over 12 years of experience, including several years working at the University of Michigan Spine Clinic where she still comes highly recommended by their doctors and therapists.

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  • Great massage. Thank you!
  • Leah's massages are stupendous! I'm a regular and am very pleased to recommend her.
    Facebook (Joan S.)
  • Great massages! The therapist was extremely thorough.
  • Leah gives a very good massage. She always asks me where I have pain. I do a lot of running and aerobics so several parts of my body are always in need of serious attention. I highly recommend her.
    Facebook (Joyce V.)
  • One of the best massages that I have had.
  • When I moved out of Vancouver years ago, I thought I would never find the massager as good as what I had in the western Canada. Now I think I finally find one, and even better!! It's Leah!
    Facebook (Anna L.)