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We are a new kind of wellness center that focuses on long term goals and offers support, community, and resources for those who want to live a happy, healthy, pain free life.

Great Experience

Leah has over 12 years of experience, including several years working at the University of Michigan Spine Clinic where she still comes highly recommended by their doctors and therapists.

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Call today to schedule your free phone consultation. Let us explain how we can help you before you spend a dime!

We accept car insurance

Have you been in a vehicle accident recently? We can bill your car insurance directly, saving you both time and money!


  • Enjoyed my massage, learned about the background of the owner, and felt that it was a very good value.
  • The massage was great and the atmosphere calming. I recommend this business to others.
  • I can't say enough great things! I would recommend Shakti [our old name] to anyone I knew in the area. Awesome massage and even better customer service. Overall great experience!
  • Leah is Excellent!
  • You will love Leah! And her massages too!!
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  • Very competent, professional experience. Highly recommend.